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NGP physic 5.01
+ all cars and tracks from CZ Plugin

following Stages are previously announced:
ID 848: Lucéram - Col Saint-Roch
ID 803: Uchan-Su Winter

RESET Request for tournament reset :
one at each Rallye
No matter which case occurs, whether accident,
or PC problems, or "Did not start to SS ..."
last reset on last day of the tournament at 20.00 h CET.
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Drivers who want to get deleted a time penalty,
has the replays unsolicited upload on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz
The replay must be uploaded immediately after the rally, no later than the last day of the tournament !

following replays checked :
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following penaltys delete :
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disqualified drivers:
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of the Rally

The 1st Rallye of the GVRC Classic Cup 19 is finished.
The “Monte” was hard as ever in the CCup calendar.
Snow , ice and rain – that’s was the Challenge.

133 Driver started – 82 driver see the finish ,
only the best have carry through the end !

I was very happy to welcome Michael Lengauer.
the GVRC driver, who finished the real Jänner Rallye this year in an outstanding 4th place
- again congratulations from me

The first winner this season ,
Jurek with his Peugeot 206 WRC – congratulation !

After a sovereign ride he win with 44,48 sec lead ,
a great show behind him -
on second Anton with his Subi Impreza WRC03
followed by Mateusz on Audi Sport Quattro S1 only with 0,18 sec !!!

Great fights on every stage between seconds on the slippery stages
Every time sideways - what a spectacle !
Great fight also the drivers behind,
it was a pleasure to watch also this drivers fight for seconds here –
THX !!!

The individual highlights of the day you can always see on facebook during the rally

Team results

1. AK-Sport WRT - Mateusz + Maciej - 1840
2. Yalta Crimea Rally Team - Anton + Alexander - 1792
3. DE-CAT RallyTeam Saarland – Mathias + Alexander - 1752

SS wins

WP 1 - Selonnet (Peklo)
1.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006
2.Adrian Sadowski - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II GrpA +4.46

WP 2 - Notre Dame (Peyregrosse - Mandagout NIGHT)
1.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006
2.WACH Tomek - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II GrpA +10.94

WP 3 - Sigottier (Passo Valle)
1.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006
2.Adrian Sadowski - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II GrpA +3.97

WP 4 - Laborel 1 (Sturec snow)
1.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006
2.LENGAUER Michael - Subaru Impreza GDB WRC2003 +2.02

WP 5 - Piegut (Uchan-Su Winter)
1.KOCHETKOV Anton - Subaru Impreza GDB WRC2003 S9
2.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006 +1.02

WP 6 - Laborel 2 (Sturec snow)
1.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006
2.Estévez Oscar - Toyota Celica ST185 4WD Turbo GrpA +0.84

WP 7 - Corps (Snow Joux Verte)
1.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006
2.TOMECEK Libor - Audi Sport quattro S1 GrpB +3.76

WP 8 - La Batie (Snow Joux Plane II)
1.PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz - Audi Sport quattro S1 GrpB
2.TOMECEK Libor - Audi Sport quattro S1 GrpB +4.46

WP 9 - Peira Cava (Cote D'Arbroz II)
1.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006
2.FOLTA Maciej - Subaru Impreza GDB WRC2003 S9 +2.04

WP 10 - Col Saint Roch (Luceram-Col Saint Roch)
1.BOGDANOWICZ Jurek - Peugeot 206 WRC 2006
2.DECKER Max - Subaru Impreza GDA WRC2001 S7 +2.50


Driver of the Rallye

who has drawn attention to themselves :

Jurek in front -
Anton, Mateusz, Tomek and Oscar,
great fight with between this out of the ordinary drivers

remarkable work
of some Driver’s at the Rallye
Tomek – fastest GrpA on Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II
Jurek – fastest old WRC on Peugeot 206
Mateusz - fastest Grp. B on Audi quattro GrpB
Frank – fastest RWD on Porsche 911 RS Grp4
Evgenyi – fastest FWD on Lada Samara VAZ-21083 GrpA
unlucky Driver
of the Rallye

who has really bad luck :
DUENKER Colin - crashed on SS 9 on 3rd place in CC3

Driver / Team

Driver / Team Championship after Rallye :
(Two worst results don't count towards the final standing)

Results / Points

Drivers Comments
after last stage

We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it.

10 Japan 9B thank you all!! thanks rally!! good luck all!!
10 Spain BARBADOS Antonio to much understeering and crash on the last stages....stupid mistakes...nice exciting rallye...it was funny to drive on this conditions
10 Spain BENITEZ echedei ok finished. Thanks Organizers
10 Poland BOGDANOWICZ Jurek nice rally, but i shouldnt have survived the crash on joux plane, which also shouldnt ever happen. it was like one of the cmr2 rolls when you put the car sideways too hard. but maybe the grip i built was really too much when going over crest? i dont know, thx for good sideways
10 Germany BORTZ Stefan one stupid mistake on the 7. stage, that cost a lot of time because the spectators were drunk.
10 Germany BRUHY Frank spin at the end - little slippery but i like it - thx
10 Spain DE DIEGO Javier Stalled in a hairpin after going too wide, this car is not handbrake friendly.... Lets see how I end, that crash cost me a lot of time. Thanks cat!!
10 Germany DECKER Jonas Fun Rallye to start this season. Impressed by the pace of the other competitors. Try to close the gap to the them in the next months.
10 Germany DECKER Max higher grip than expected so I lost some time. Generally very nice and challenging rally, I liked it! Thanks for the awesome event!
10 Germany DEMUTH Mathias no risk. This was a hard but nice Monte! Nice figt with Nils in his Cossi! Thanks for the rally
10 Germany DG301 Danke schoen fuer die erste Veranstaltung dieses Jahr, hat viel Spass gemacht, auch wenn mich meine fahrerischen Kuenste mehr als einmal im Stich gelassen haben. Freue mich auf die Saison
10 Portugal Estévez Oscar Slow here. Fun rally,hard but Good. Thanks!
10 Poland FOLTA Maciej Uff, very difficult rally. I did some mistakes, the biggest on 3 stage where fans had to help. Generally Im happy that finished. It was my second rally in Classic but I hope it will be first full season :) Thanks
10 Czech Republic hebbi some mistakes but ok , nice fight with Kim. nice rally like everytimes in Classic Cup - thx for this challenging Championship
10 Germany HEUER Michael Thx for this great Event
10 Germany HOHMANN Dieter Thanks to orga for this great, hard & slippery event - was a lot of work, but fun also. Thanks Mike for your black Beast (ASCONA). All other teams good luck!
10 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Danke!!
10 Japan irtdb_832 thx for the rally!
10 Germany KAZMIERZAK Alex yeeeeessss finished
10 Germany KELLER Marius THX. First rally this year, no training and new Pedals. Have to adapt first.
10 Finland KIVIMAA Ville BTBfin RALLYsim Gr.A car is finish. Tricky rally, but it is great to be at finish. This is very challenging but also enjoyable route to drive. Rallye Monte Carlo is legend and organizers route team have build up very good stages. Big Thanks :)
10 Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton wowow ))) Nice rezult, very close for lose. Last section was horrible grip for me, wrong setting i think for wet tarmac. Btw, i`m happy finish this perfect race! Thx guys for battle and Frank for Event new Season CC2019 !! See you
10 Lithuania KULIKAUSKAS Robertas OK. Hard rally/THX
10 Austria Laim the stage times in comparison are horrible, anyway im happy that i have finished. with a standard setup and many stages i drove for the first time it is actually ok. Anyway, i think the mistakes were summed up in 2 to 3 minutes, i really
10 Spain Leon Agustin Bueno, lastima las dos ayudas y los tres tramos que hemos corrido con el coche tocado. Pero bueno, estamos en meta !!
10 LINNALUOTO Tapani sujui edes jotenkin
10 Germany Marcel Zarda we made a mistake again..lost 10sec. But we finished first rally in this session with new car. we need some stages to come in but after the first stages we had quiet fun. THANKS :)
10 Germany MEINGOTT Walter nice rally. unfortunately i overdid it again on the last stage. drove up the rock face at the exit of one of the hairpins and needed the spectators to move my car back to the road. thx
10 Slovakia MYDLIAR Jozef Good rally for me. Thank organizer.
10 Japan NARU Kazuma thx for the rally
10 Russian Federation PANYUSHKIN Evgenyi I dont like FWD, but i need to go on this car, beacose on RWD not chanses... Thanks Torsten and Alex!
10 Germany Penny_Menny bremspunkt verpasst und eine wand gekuesst. danke fuer den schoenen start!
10 Poland Piotr Banaszek thx
10 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz good first rally for me :) Difficult conditions in this car! Happy with finish line :) Thanks!
10 Finland PUHAKKA Ossian Thank you for the rally. I runki very much.
10 Germany RITTER Rene Sorry Nils... :-D Tolle Leistung von Mathias, ebenso von Max. Allen anderen drueck ich die Daumen. Ein guter Start fuer den Classic Cup. Danke rank fuer die schoene Rallye. :-) Bis dann!
10 Russian Federation ROMANENKO Aleksandr Tnx for rally! Good battle, Yura!
10 Germany SALOMO Marco what a pitty. So many mistakes. But the speed was okay. Thx Cat for a wonderful start in this season.
10 Spain Samuel Ramos Ultimo seccion horrorosa con varios golpes y problemas de embrague que al final me retrasaron muchisimo en la clasificacion...
10 Germany SCHENK Mike Great, we roll over finish-ramp, it was a hard & great event (like everytime of CC) - we wish all other starting teams good luck & fun - Thanks to orga, 2019 beginns like 2018 ends - hard ;-)
10 Japan Shenshee I challenged to drive my first car. It is very powerful and lightweight. It was difficult for me. But I am looking to the next rally. Thanks for organizing wonderful rally.
10 Germany skoda130rsdollack Danke Frank sehr hart gewesen hier durch zu kommen ,aber schoen abwechslungsreich
10 United Kingdom Smith Tony Nice rally, great fun in a car I wouldn\'t normally choose. If I could just master the hairpins.....
10 Germany STEIN Torsten was fuer eine geile Rally und ein geiler Kampf in meiner Klasse,Danke Frank
10 Germany STEINBACH Lutz gratulation Stefan, Danke Frank schoene Rallye
10 Austria STELLNBERGER Philipp Many mistakes again - overall no good rally for me because of too many mistakes. Thanks Cat. Wonderfully designed rally.
10 Czech Republic TOMECEK Libor thank .... thx
10 Germany Woifeh a lot of small mistakes in this one and one stall in the last sector. Overall an average performance, not happy with the snow stages. But the rally itself was awesomely organized, thx Frank :)
10 Poland WORONECKI Mirek Not best rally, lot mistakes. Thanks Frank for nice stages :).
10 Spain Xarach Quintana otro tramo que no he corrido nunca, dos golpes y la direccion muy tocada, no ha sido un buen rally , demasiada inactividad desde 2017 sin correr ...
10 Japan YANAGIBASHI Thanks!good rally
10 Germany YANOLIDIS Jannis 2x spinns...very exciting horny Rallye with very tricky stages :)) ! Uchan Sun ...wasa desaster with my C4H...to much mistakes...tjanks to the Orga

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s