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NGP physic 6.3.
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We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it

10 Lithuania AUGUSTONIS Ignas Was doing too much mistakes... Let\'s see what we\'ll be able to do in FMOD event. Thanks for this event!
10 Poland BANASZEK Piotrek thanks for the rally
10 Spain BENITEZ echedei nice fight with oscar all rallye. lost my possibilitys in torre and some small fails in the rest of stages. Thanks for the rallye
10 Hungary BIRO Zoltan i am very tired of the fact that if I\'m driving moderately well I always get disturbed and crash. hit spectators, lost 30s. very very disappointed, but it doesnt matter
10 Germany BRUHY Frank lost her to much , but the sight is not good :) great job Oscar ! thx to all enjoying the CC
10 Spain DEL ROSARIO Nauzet no entiendo la logica de este juego...
10 Germany DEMUTH Mathias crash, to much risk here. Antonio was faster than me in this event. Great times! Thanks for the Rally
10 Germany DUENKER Colin ... spin on the flying finish. car didnt start directly and we lost the class win!
10 Portugal ESTEVEZ Oscar Very tricky conditions here but great rally for me. See you next time. Thanks for championship.
10 Poland FOLTA Maciej THX Frank :)
10 Austria GRUENDAUER Andreas Zeiten waren schlecht und an das Auto muesste ich mich noch gewoehnen. Hat sehr viel Spass gemacht, auf solchen Stages zu fahren. Danke.
10 Czech Republic hebbi big fun , nice event -love the Classic Cup
10 Japan Hirozuka Big luck last stage crash and suspemsion damage,difficult driving...nice rallye ..not easy but ok..thx
10 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Zu viele Dreher und dann immer zwischen Leitplanken, immer mit Vor und Zurueck und immer wieder Motor neu starten!!?? Kostet sehr viel Zeit!! Aber egal, wieder eine tolle Rallye, ich denke mal fuer mich eine der Schoensten!! Danke Frank!!
10 Portugal Isidro Araujo bad rally , the help in stage 2 arruined the rally
10 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey finish! Antonio, Mathias, good fight! Frank, thx for rally!
10 Ireland JONAITIS Jonis thx
10 Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton Vision was almost zero here, i dont know How guys were so fast. Maybe different tracksettings. In any case, Real Big Thanks Libor for great fight and help with tracksettings. And Thanks Frank for event.It was not boring ))
10 Russian Federation Larionov Sergey Thanks!
10 Finland LOTJONEN Roni Very bad rally for me, 3x cfh and couple spins. Thanks to the organisers.
10 Germany Maier.Maximilian Danke an die Orga. leider fruh einen Fehler gemacht der 1min gekostet hat. aber thats Rally
10 United States MARTINA Dominic wowee what an exhausting rally, im just glad to have made it to the finish :D thanks for hosting !!!
10 Italy MORICONI Nicola Top Rally !!!
10 Slovakia MYDLIAR Jozef Quiet engine on 3 km in Sturec was special experience. Thank you for nice rally.
10 Spain ORTEGA Antonio Very nice rally, enjoyed a lot with this little bomb. Thanks to organisers.
10 Germany PMS Rally Team Big big thanks to the orga, another great rallye, it was so amazing to drive here! We make a lot of mistakes, but we enjoy every stage here in CC! Wish good luck & fun to all teams they will start, we had it & wait in finish to you & ceremony - until than bye!
10 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz good run :) Thanks for the rally :)
10 Germany RITTER Rene great job from the guys at the front Echedei und Oscar. the last 4 stages to many mistakes. But a very great rally and the selected stages many thanks Frank! It was fine!
10 Russian Federation ROMANENKO Aleksandr Very difficult rally, but it was interesting :D Thanks for rally!
10 Germany SALOMO Marco thank you for a wonderful Rally! Thank you for the CC
10 Czech Republic SCHAMBERGER Karel st dik vsem ahoj
10 Japan Shintaro TANAKA Terribly inconsitent notes
10 Germany skoda130rsdollack war ja kaum wieder zuerkennen die Strecke bei der Sicht ,,, Danke Frank ,wie immer tolle Veranstaltung mit erlesener Streckenwahl
10 Spain SOBERON Alex Great rallye, thanks for the championship. See you next round
10 Germany STEIN Torsten ohne Worte ueber die letzte WP
10 Czech Republic TOMECEK Libor yes !!!! ok ! OLD TOM Team !!!!
10 Germany Woifeh thx. My motivation was really low and my performance was miserable. Enjoyed the last stage though, only lost valuable time when I got stuck between two fences...
10 Poland WORONECKI Mirek Ajjj , silly mistake and half spin then I must reverse, lost 10+ sec. Tricky conditions on last one. But rally was not bad, so I\'m happy. Thanks Frank for realy great rally.
10 Germany YANOLIDIS Jannis crash and damage the steering and suspension...was not easy to finish last stage :))..very nice Rallye with superb stages..thx !
10 Japan YOPPA Raizo thanks for great rally!
10 Japan YUKI Mikan Thanks ALL !! Thanks for the Rally !!

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s