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NGP physic 6.3.
+ all cars and tracks from CZ Plugin

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RESET Request for tournament reset :
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No matter which case occurs, whether accident,
or PC problems, or "Did not start to SS ..."

Requests should be sent via RBR CZ plugin.
Processing takes place daily at the latest 20.00 h CET,
last reset on last day of the tournament at 20.00 h CET.
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Drivers who want to get deleted a time penalty,
has the replays unsolicited upload on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz
The replay must be uploaded no later than 3 days after each rally.

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Drivers Comments
after last stage

We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it

10 Poland BANASZEK Piotrek first good rally for me :). thanks 4all
10 Canada BOUCHARD Daniel Pretty sure a diff died on the start there, leading to a handbrake release, leading to jump, also went off, good rally!
10 Germany BRUHY Frank spim again , go safe to the end. great , great job fromMateusz in his Skoda. you need no power here , only feeling in your ass :) thx and gl to all
10 Germany DEMUTH Mathias Thanks for the rally and the reset. Unlucky RKA for us :-(
10 Switzerland Donze Markus Super Rallye, hat uns eine Menge Spass bereitet. Ist schon toll mit so einem PS-Monster durch die Waelder zu pfluegen. An unserer Performence werden wir noch arbeiten un naechstes Jahr sind wir wieder dabei! Danke an die Orga
10 Portugal ESTEVEZ Oscar Very good rally for me ,not more mistakes and great times. I love MIX rally,congratulations Classic Cup guys for this rallyes! I love it! See you next time. Thanks.
10 Czech Republic hebbi great event - fantastic atmosphre - thx for the Classic Cup
10 Japan Hirozuka nice exciting slippery Rallye...thx
10 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Nass, kalt und finster, nix fuer gute Stimmung!! Aber geile Rallye!! Super Frank!!
10 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey finish! very hard, Frank thx for rally!
10 Finland KERONEN Onni Thank you for the rally! got stupid call of help on this stage. But still a good run for me.
10 Finland LOTJONEN Roni Not the cleanest rally for me, but happy that i finished as this was the first time i drove the 555. Awesome car (especially with FMOD) Thanks for the organisers, awesome rally!
10 United States MARTINA Dominic wow this rally was amazing. so much variety. night stages, tire decisions, all surface and weather. great cars. definitely going ot do more of these in the futre :D thanks for hosting!
10 Russian Federation PANYUSHKIN Evgenyi Gravel setups at last section... Good start rally, but bad finish. Thanks!
10 Germany PMS Rally Team Boah ey, such a great event, i love it, that`s why we love the ClassicCup. Thanks for the reset & the super organized rallye at the Eifel. The mix was greatalso the weather and with darkness at beginning & the end it was so immerse. Congratulation to all teams in finish - see you next time, bye
10 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz Hard rally:) Thanks Cat!
10 Germany SALOMO Marco Too much mistakes to get a better place, but okay. Very amazing rally! Thank you very much Cat for this great event! Thx for the CC!
10 Czech Republic SCHAMBERGER Karel st dik vsem ahoj
10 Luxembourg SCHMIT Charel Schone Rallye in der Eifel. Schoner Kampf in Gruppe 4. Merci!
10 Japan Shenshee Very hard. But so much fun! Thanks organizer.
10 United Kingdom SMITH Tony Tough event, not good on tarmac, less so with gravel tyres. Thanks for setting it up
10 Germany STEIN Torsten man hat die Rally Spass gemacht,neue Pedale und schon gehts viel besser,Danke Frank fuer die super WPs und die Rally
10 Germany Woifeh made it! with about 10 to 15 fps I conider that a real achievement! Thanks for the nice rally, Frank!
10 Japan YUKI Mikan Thanks for ALL, Thanks for the RALLY !!

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s