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NGP physic 5.01
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We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it.

10 Hungary BIRO Zoltan very difficult, I lost a lot of time in the end, I had no grip on the fast section before the finish. Looks like I just missed Przemyslaw, but OK, after losing over 1 minute it is still good. I had maybe the most fun this year on this rally, so thank yo very much, and congrats to all in the finish!
10 Germany BORTZ Stefan War bis Wp8 ein enger Kampf mit Marco. Auf Wp9 durch einen Dreher dann hoffnungslos zurueck gefallen. Hier dann der supergau. Am Abzweig vorbei geschossen und spaeter in den wald geflogen. Auto unfahrbar. Einige weitere Abfluege, konnte Totalschaeden gerade so noch verhindern. Schuld ist der Copil
10 Germany BRUHY Frank thx to all CC fans for starting the hole season !!! we will see us in 2020 with the real histo cars and ngp6 :)
10 Spain CIN Ramon Thx Cat for CC! Will we have Ford Capri in NGP6... I don\'t think so :( Hopefully another similar car, or a pair so we can have close matchups in the lower categories. It was a fun car to drive! See you.
10 Germany DEMUTH Mathias big mistake. We kissed a three here... After that we had big demage on the car and only want to see the finish line. Thanks for a very hard rally Frank, and a nice CC year. See you 2020!
10 Ukraine DRIVE Alexander Frank, danke! Hard rally!
10 Portugal ESTEVEZ Oscar Max attack, big save in last downhill. Sorry Libor. Thanks for Classic Cup Caterham. See you next year!
10 Poland FOLTA Maciej Good rally I think, have to change the car for last event but it was nice experience. Thanks a lot for this season, I hope see you next year. Mateusz your turn, now waiting for team classification. Thanks!!!
10 Japan Hirozuka 2x spinns..bad... thx for the rallye and the CC Cup...see you next year
10 Germany HUMMEL Stefan War so toll, wieder eine superschne Rallye, vielen Dank Frank!!! Insbesondere fuer die wunderbare Saison! Ist fuer mich die beste Meisterschaft des Jahres 2019!! Okay \42meine\42 OL und die VDRM auch!!
10 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey finish! Frank, thx for rally! thx for cup! it was very interesting at every rally) good luck on next season with ngp6)
10 Germany KAZMIERZAK Alex thx for a great rallye
10 Lithuania KULIKAUSKAS Robertas thx
10 Germany Maier.Maximilian letzte Stage war sau glatt. 2x verbremst, aber im Ziel. Danke an die Orga fuer dieses Event.
10 Spain PAULOS Alejandro Very funny rally! Thanks
10 Poland Piotr Banaszek I love this stage :). Thanks Frank, thanks All for this season. CU next Year :!!!
10 Poland Przemyslaw OWCZARSKI what a big bump!!! I landed on the front of the car!!! It was not so far away from the start. We had a big bump and I had big problems since them. I almost ended like Markko in Argentina 2004, but I had more luck to keep the car on the road. Spin and few seconds lost, but finish line is always nice
10 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz Safe on last stage. Big fun whole all rallies in this cup! Thanks for my teammate for good driving and probably we are the champion! Thanks Cat, great championhip :) See you in next year :)
10 Germany REITER MAX Was fuer eine unglaubliche WP. Bis zur WP8 war es ein richtig knapper Kampf um den Sieg mit Alexander. Ich freue mich auf naechstes JAhr !
10 Russian Federation ROMANENKO Aleksandr Very big crash on finish... -15/20sec...:( Tnx for rally!
10 Germany SALOMO Marco Thank you for a hard and good Rallye! Happy that I have finished this event! Wonderful series! See you next year in Classic Cup again. Thank you Cat!!
10 Czech Republic SCHAMBERGER Karel st dik vsem aqhoj
10 Germany SCHENK Mike Thanks Frank for this great rallye & the hole season - evry event was so great & unique! This time we searchin grip, had a spin too - overall an typical english weather in november & gravel - we like this combination! Good luck to the rest & hope to see you all in 2020 bach in CC! Bye
10 Japan Shenshee Very good season. Thank you oeganizar. Thank you everyone.
10 Germany skoda130rsdollack Gratulation an Stefan , super Rallye gefahren ... vielen Dank an Frank ,fuer die ganze Saison
10 Germany STEIN Torsten was fuer eine geile Rally,super Auto der MAZDA,haette ich schon eher einsetzen sollen, Danke fuer den CC Cup Frank,mal sehen mit was fuer ein Auto naechstes Jahr
10 Austria STELLNBERGER Philipp Mistake of Yano here? - good to be in finish now. New car next year.
10 Czech Republic TOMECEK Libor nice rally ! thank !!! NGP6 ... gr.B ?????????????
10 Germany Woifeh three big big stupid mistakes in te beginning. Thx for the rally and the awesome season
10 Poland WORONECKI Mirek Ok. Safe on finish line. Some small mistakes trough all rally, but not bad resoult. Thanks all for competition in this seazon, and most BIG thanks to Frank for very good job, and sacrifaced time. See U in next year :)
10 Germany YANOLIDIS Jannis mistakes..but happy to see the finish line...under this conditions :) nice , thx

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s