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The award ceremony will be postponed until further notice.
There are some discrepancies and I would like to clarify that in advance.

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NGP physic 5.01
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No matter which case occurs, whether accident,
or PC problems, or "Did not start to SS ..."
last reset on last day of the tournament at 20.00 h CET.
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Drivers who want to get deleted a time penalty,
has the replays unsolicited upload on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz
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of the Rally

The 4th Rallye of the GVRC Classic Cup 19 is finished.
The “Carlisle” was new in the CCup calendar.
All drivers were satisfied with the english Rally Fans.

117 Driver started – 41 driver see the finish ,
only the best have carry through the end !

The individual highlights of the day you can always see on facebook during the rally

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We are a great international group of drivers ,
please write your comments in tournament in english , so everyone can understand it.

10 Spain BENITEZ echedei bad rallye
10 Poland BOGDANOWICZ Jurek ok, finish and many world records :) thanks for fight
10 Germany BORTZ Stefan Nach meinem Abflug auf Wp8 dacht ich schon, das es das gewesen ist. Und dann komm ich ins Ziel und Woifeh hat auf der gleichen Wp noch mehr Zeit verloren.da hatte ich echt mehr glueck als Talent.
10 Germany BRUHY Frank i do what i can . thx
10 United States BUCK Tyler It was an OK rally. Hidden stage list not my favorite format so I just tried to have fun.
10 Spain DE DIEGO Javier Ok, big save here. Thanks Cat!
10 Germany DEMUTH Mathias Hard rally with hard stages. We are in finish. But I think we are to slow? We will know it after the rally. Thanks for it!
10 Poland FOLTA Maciej Difficult rally, Ok Im happy to be at the finish. No big mistakes so I think it is good result on gravel for me and my team. Thanks for organizer, good luck everyone especially for Mateusz ;) see you on the next round
10 Germany HOHMANN Dieter big big thanks to orga, great event with a lot of fun & work in cockpit - CU next time - bye
10 Germany HUMMEL Stefan Die letzte lief nicht so gut 2 Dreher!! Ansonsten wenig Fehler. Danke Frank, war wieder einmal toll!!
10 Russian Federation IVANOV Sergey finish) Frank, thx for rally! very interesting)
10 Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton again out. But Finish, i`m glad it. Well, well see what i could earn (points) for my team and in personal classification on this car and in this group. My S9 a little rest this time )))) Thanks Frank for Cup and thanks all pilots for HOT Battles. I`m First, who could finish )))) See you
10 Lithuania KULIKAUSKAS Robertas ok
10 China LAU Chiyung fav stage. thx for the rally
10 Germany Marcel Zarda was not a good rally for us..lots of silly mistakes and no speed on gravel. but ok. THX anyways for an beautifull rally like always frank!!
10 Slovakia MYDLIAR Jozef Some spins. Very nice rally. Thank you organizer!
10 Finland NIEMELA Jyrki thanks
10 Russian Federation PANYUSHKIN Evgenyi Some mistakes, but good rezult for me, thanks to all!
10 Poland Piotr Banaszek thx
10 Poland PRZYSZLAKOWSKI Mateusz Few mistakes, but I saw finish line :) thanks!
10 Germany RITTER Rene Very great rally nice stages very good fun. Thank you Frank!!! :-) 4min. to Anton thats to much think car is not much powerful. Good job from Anton! Great! All other good luck and good luck to my teammate Marcel. ;-) :-) See yaa :-D
10 Germany SALOMO Marco Bad Rallye for me. I do not like gravel and make many mistakes, also big mistakes. Thank you Cat for the organisation.
10 Germany SCHENK Mike Big thanks to orga, all they help & fans at the stages. Great event (like always), we lost too much time with C4H & driving mistakes, so it isn`t any wonder that we are at the end of all starters in the placement - we wish the rest of teams a good event.
10 Japan Shenshee I was very excited and enjoyed. Thank you.
10 Germany skoda130rsdollack Danke Frank, geile Kiste diese Veranstalltung ... war ein harter Kampf mit Stefan ,welcher ihn am ende mit knapp Sekunden gewonnen hat ...
10 United Kingdom Smith Tony Went off 500m from finish, avoided trees but unable to climb back to road so CFH. Great rally, first one in this car. Pleased to finish as I see so many crashed. My team mate will be along soon....I\'m sure.
10 Czech Republic TOMECEK Libor thank
10 Poland WACH Tomek Yes! Good beginning with the new car, my setup was a little bit dangerous so on the every jump I was taking a lot of risk but it should be better next time. It was a good fight with Jurek. Thanks all! Artur Hazuka, good job! :)
10 Germany Woifeh more attack, but Stefan will win the class unless he starts making mistakes, I was too careful in the beginning. Thx Frank for another great event!
10 Poland WORONECKI Mirek Few mistakes trough all rally, but could be worst so I\'m haapy be on finish line in one piece. Thanks Frank for great rally :). Thanks guys for nice competition :) and see U in next one
10 Japan YANAGIBASHI thanks!

THX for enjoying the Cup and see you next Rallye , keep racing m8s